5 Major Advantage of Car Wax Coating

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2 min readApr 24, 2017

Many of us do not bother to spend that extra time to wax the car. We say the modern day paints are good enough. But wake up. Listen to what researchers have to say as well. Not applying the wax to the car’s exteriors can break the coat that protects the paint itself which would then expose the paint to oxidation, road salt and such other things.

The car wax coating would on the other hand give a protection layer to it. The expenses for the repairs also get reduced. The benefits from waxing would impact the performance of the car as well.

5 Major Advantage of Car Wax Coating:

1. Protection against scratches: Washing the car that is not waxed would harm the exterior as there are chances of scratches from the grit and dirt on the car itself. The wax layers the paint and the wash slides off smoothly removing the dirt and grime along with it. it also provides a shield against the small scratches from the bird’s poo while you have parked it in the shade.

The wax can also cover the earlier scratches and lighten the blemishes to a certain extent.

2. Protection of the paint: Your car is exposed to the ultra violet rays, road salts, tree sap while parking and many more such factors. Together these harm the paint and cause oxidation that causes further damage. The car wax coating could reduce the damage. In other words, it protects your investment.

3. Reduction in cost of repairs and maintenance: Proper care of the car’s exterior right from the very beginning would lower the cost of repairs incurring from the damages to the car due to oxidation and scratches. The paint would last a longer time and you would benefit from not painting it again and again.

4. Easy to use at home: The wax available these days are quite easy to use. It is not a whole day’s job as it used to be in earlier times. The advanced technologies have made it easier and you can now apply a coat of wax with a clean cloth or hands. You can also use the spray on wax. You may do it twice a year. You may have to go for more number of times in a year if you stay at a place with heavy sunshine.

5. Defend the re-sale value: You may wish you sell it off after suing it for some years. The wax coats keep the paint intact and the gives that shine to the exterior. Naturally a lot depends on the look. You have more chances for a good re -sale value for the car.

Car wax coating can be done by anyone at home itself or you can visit the car wash center and get the wax applied when you are back from that road trip.

Clearly, waxing is a must to protect the vehicle’s finish from the harsh effects of ultraviolet rays, road debris, tree sap, bugs and more.



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